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Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcome and we are happy to try and accommodate any requests you may have. We can create custom sizes, custom pattern scaling, we can add or remove elements from designs, and change the colours.

We do not charge extra for custom orders, however please do be aware that if you request extensive customisations we will send a basic mock-up showing you how your customisations can look, but do request that an order is placed before any more detailed customisations are made.

Please be as accurate as possible with custom measurements as we can not be held responsible for any wrong measurements submitted.

Sizing details

All our sizes are listed in metres. You can easily convert that in Google to work out what size you need. If you are struggling to work out which size you need then please do get in touch and we'll help you choose the right size or let you know if we'd recommend a custom size.

We always add a few extra centimetres to our orders to account for any wall irregularities. If you know your walls are old and uneven, we would recommend accounting for that and adding extra.

We are able to create extra pieces when your measurements do fall short, however we recommend avoiding this if at all possible as it may not have a perfect match due to trying to align a newly wet panel onto panels that have already dried onto your wall, and also the shipping cost for small pieces to fill in gaps is often more expensive than the piece itself.

Does the mural come in panels?

Yes. All our pre-pasted murals are supplied in floor to ceiling panels. The length of each panel will match the height you have selected or ordered for your wall mural and each one simply overlaps with the next panel during installation. All of your panels widths will range from 50cm to 65cm depending on the size. An installation guide is included with each order.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

What if my wallpaper arrives damaged?

We ask that you please check your order as soon as it arrives, regardless of whether you intend to install it straight away. Let us know immediately of any damage. We allow 14 days from delivery to notify us of any damage. We always ask that in the first instance you give us an opportunity to replace the damaged panel(s) but within the 14 day period you are also able to request a refund instead.

For custom orders that arrive damaged the first step will always be to replace the panel(s) as we do not refund custom orders.

Do you accept exchanges or returns?

We are only a small business and everything is made to order so if you have any questions or concerns about the paper, installation, or the design then please do get in touch before ordering.

We do accept returns provided it is not a custom order and that we are notified of your request to return within 14 days of the order showing as delivered. The order must arrive back with us in the same condition it was received in. Buyer is responsible for the return costs.

We don't accept exchanges.

I want to cancel my order

We can sometimes print orders within 24 hours or receiving it so we have a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your order for any reason please contact us asap through our contact page.

Due to the nature of them, custom orders cannot be cancelled.

Will I have to pay customs or import fees?

Please ensure you are aware of the customs and import rules for your country. We are not responsible for any fees charged by your government agencies to release your package.

We are based in the UK, and are no longer a part of the European Union, so please bear this in mind when ordering.

Application & Aftercare

How should I prepare my wall?

To avoid any issues it is very important to ensure that your wall is ready for a wall mural. Correct preparation will result in an easier, more straight-forward installation, and that your wall mural will correctly adhere to the wall. Adequate preparation will also mean that in the future, removing your wall mural will be as trouble free as possible.

Remove any old backing paper from the wall surface. Ensure the surface is smooth, clean, and dry. We recommend that the wall is a uniform colour to avoid any patches showing through the mural.

Wipe the surface to remove any contaminants such as dirt, dust, grease, mildew, etc.

Ensure porous surfaces have been correctly primed and sealed before installation. This includes plaster, dry wall, and most latex paints. We recommend using a suitable water based primer or emulsion paint, which will need to be allowed to dry for up to 4 weeks, allowing the gases to release.

What tools do I need?

Because our wallpaper is pre-pasted you don't need much in the way of specialist equipment. We recommend having these to hand before beginning installation:

  • Soft brush for smoothing
  • Sharp knife (Stanley/craft)
  • Pasting brushing or roller
  • Plumb line/spirit level
  • Seam roller
  • Scissors
  • Straight edge/ruler
  • Ready mixed adhesive (use pre-mixed paste. 99% of the time this won't be needed but a small tub or tube may be needed to stick any loose edges that might appear due to warm or dry environments)
Can I clean/wipe my wall mural?

Yes, with care, you can wipe clean your wall mural. Simply take a clean, damp sponge or lint free cloth and wipe gently using warm water. Do not use chemical detergents on your wall mural.

Will the wall be damaged when I remove the mural to re-decorate?

Our self-adhesive wall mural are designed not to damage your wall when you remove it, based on it being installed on a wall that is correctly prepared. Much the same as installation, you just need to use water to reactivate the adhesive and slowly peel the wallpaper away from your wall, applying more water as needed.

What if I damage a panel and it becomes unusable during installation?

This rarely happens, however we are able to print individual panels if required. If this happens to you, please contact us for assistance and we will be happy to help.


I have laid my order out on the floor before starting installation and it doesn't overlap properly/the panels look different lengths

To enable us to ship your order and stop it from becoming damaged during transport we make sure
the wallpaper/mural is wrapped tightly. This can sometimes cause the panels to compress slightly.
This is especially true of the innermost panels within the roll.
This issue is easily fixed by simply laying the panels out flat (preferably on a hard surface). This will
allow the panels to relax and decompress. We would recommend doing this at least 24 hours before
installing the wallpaper, longer if it’s been left in packaging for an extended period of time.

Why do my panels not match up when installing?
  • Firstly, make sure the first panel is installed as straight as possible. We would strongly
    recommend using a plumb line, spirit level, or laser line. If the first panel is not installed
    straight it will make installing the rest of your panels difficult.
  • Are the panels overlapped? Our wallpaper works with an overlap, so please don’t install
    them with a butt join (edge to edge).
  • Quite often the overlap seems to match in certain areas but not in others. Generally, this is
    due to the panels not being correctly aligned, for example; not being overlapped enough or
    being overlapped too much. Your overlap is roughly 2cm so adjust the paper until you find
    the right spot!
  • Another issue is not installing the panels in the right order. Each panel has a tile number at
    the top. They need to be installed in numerical order.
Why is my wallpaper not sticking?

The most likely reason for this is that it's just not wet enough. Our wallpaper can be fully submerged in water so don't be afraid to get it wet. Ensure the back of your paper is fully saturated.

Why is my wallpaper bubbling?

Usually this is either because the panel hasn't been wet enough meaning the paste hasn't been fully activated, or because it's just not been smoothed out properly. Ensure you're using the correct tools and not just using your hands to smooth your wallpaper out.

Can I remove the overlap?

The short answer is yes, using a double-cut seam/splice. However we'd only recommend this method to qualified decorators who have done this before.

I have started installation but made an error so what do I do now?

Get in touch! We understand mistakes happen and we want to make sure you get the best out of your wallpaper so will discuss with you the best options. Whether that's replacing the panels you've installed or fixing the error.

I have an issue but I had a professional install my wallpaper so what's gone wrong?

We'll be honest, 90% of installation errors actually occur with hired decorators. That's not to say most of them don't do an amazing job, but many assume it's standard wallpaper and don't read the instructions before installation.

This can result in several errors including; not realising the panels need to be installed in a particular order so putting the panels up in the wrong order, not realising our paper is pre-pasted so using a different method for installation, and also not realising there's an overlap, so they butt the panels up against each other rather than overlapping them meaning the finish is not seamless.

Please ensure whoever is installing your wallpaper reads the instructions and FAQs sent with your order before beginning.

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