About us

Here at Wall Funk we believe in walls, your way.

We created Wall Funk with the belief that being sustainable needn't be boring, and that you can in fact have your cake and eat it. Our wallpapers and murals are eco-friendly, child-safe, and made from 10% recycled materials.
Using the highest quality pre-pasted wallpaper material with a Greenguard certification, and latex inks meaning no nasty chemicals or smells when you install your wallpaper, Wall Funk wallpapers are made to brighten up your home and last a long time (but are also super easy to remove when the time comes, making it rent friendly!)
We've worked with hundreds of customers looking to create something unique in their home, and have also provided commercial services for many businesses; from cafes to garden centres, and restaurants to offices.
Owner, printer, curator


Having been involved in decorating and home decor from a young age, and with several years of working in home improvements which included installing wallpaper, Ben spotted a gap in the market for a sustainable but novice-friendly wallpaper and so created Wall Funk.

Ensuring the product was eco-friendly was top priority when researching the best materials to use, and over the years this has been refined to also make sure the packaging and all other aspects of the business reflect this.

Ben is the brains behind the business and is constantly looking for ways to grow and new products to create to make the business accessible to everyone regardless of budget and space!

curator, designer, marketer, photoshop extraordinaire


Anya joined Wall Funk in 2019 in marketing, customer service, and administration. Then the pandemic hit and the role grew to encompass printing and fulfilling orders, running the Etsy store, and designing and curation of new designs. In a small business like this, everyone wears many hats!

Before joining Wall Funk Anya has extensive experience in marketing and customer service, as well as many years as a wedding photographer, which helps when attention to detail is so important! With a degree in Events Management she also helps to keep things organised!

Want a custom design? Anya's your person.